A day in December is a photoblog by Pete Cutter
I have been interested in photography since I was about 8 years old, when I started experimenting with various old cameras that my stepfather had, and doing contact prints in the bathroom. The first serious camera that I owned was a Praktica SLR from East Germany. It had a standard 50mm lens and a 135mm Soligor, but I hardly ever took any pictures because I used slide film and it cost a lot to process. Later on I bought a Minolta X-500, that my daughter still uses today, and then a succession of Canon EOS film cameras. I started this site in January 2007, inspired by some of the photoblogs listed below, and I am learning new stuff all the time. Please add your comments to the pictures.

If you are curious about the name, by the way, it comes from a Blondie song: "Picture this, a day in December..."

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2008 Photoblog Awards


My main subjects are landscapes, cityscapes and travel photography.


You need lots of lenses, or at least I do...




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